All SSJ100 Delivered to Azimuth/18.04.2018

Joint press release


Another SSJ100 was delivered to the fleet of  the Russian air carrier Azimuth on April 18, 2018 and marked the completion of the delivery within the framework of the agreement.


According to the leasing agreement between the State Transport Leasing Company (STLC) and Azimuth the aircraft were delivered with the layout for 100 and 103 passenger seats. The 100-seated cabin has a following peculiarity – there is technical opportunity to change the layout that might be single class for 100 seats as well as two-class for 93 seats – depending on the needs of the Customer.


“Our commitments regarding the agreement with the STLC and Azimuth has been fulfilled according to the scheduled plan. The collaboration experience we have achieved, especially under the circumstances of a brand new air carrier to the market, the fleet consisting of our planes exclusively, allows us to count on further effective cooperation for the benefit of regional airline passenger service development, amongst others» – said the president of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company Alexander Rubtsov.


«Azimuth airline is the first air carrier performing commercial flights operating SSJ100 at the South of Russia. Our activity is based on the principles of maximum effectivness, which is together with the state aviation industry support program results in an opportunity to grant comfortable flight for good price» – added Azimuth Director for Strategic Development Dmitry Zvonarev. 


Since the beginning of operation in September 2017 there has been 182 663 passengers serviced and the general amount of flight hours comprised 5098. The route network of the air carrier connects the cities of North-Caucasian and Southern Federal districts with each other and other regions of Russia directly (not through Moscow hub). The new  Azimuth SSJ100 RA-89095 received the name Irtish continuing the program of naming the aircraft after the greatest Russian rivers approved by the airline.