Interjet plans further operation of the SSJ100/27.03.2019

SCAC refutes the publications about the plans of Mexican Interjet to return SSJ100. There are no plans to return the aircraft. Interjet, the Operator of the SSJ100, plans further SSJ100 operation. SCAC,the manufacturer of the SSJ100 and PowerJet, the manufacturer of the engines, offered the Operator a number of solutions in order to make the operation of the SSJ100 more efficient. The airline is currently considering the offer.

As for March 2019 there are 138 SSJ100 under operation – 105 of them as part of fleets of Russian air careers and 33 of them in foreign companies. Currently Superjet100 in operated by Russian airlines and governmental structures such as: Aeroflot, Gazrpomavia, Yakutiya, Yamal, IrAero, Azimut, Severstal, Minitstry of Internal Affairs of Russia, EMERCOM, Government Squadron, RusJet, and foreign companies: Interjet (Mexico), CityJet (Ireland), Thai Royal Airforce and Kazakhstan governmental structures.
Besides, six SSJ100 are still part of the CityJet fleet. Any decisions about the return of the aircraft to the owner as far as the legal, technical or financial or other aspects are concerned are possible only after multilateral negotiations and consultations.