Interjet SSJ100 confirm successful operations/29.10.2013


Starting from their Entry Into Service on September 18, 2013, the first two Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft operated by the Mexican airline Interjet have confirmed outstanding results in terms of operations.

In the first 4 weeks of operations both aircraft (MSN 95023 and MSN 95024) have operated with an average daily utilization of 9.74 block  hours and a dispatch reliability of 99.03%.

According to the airline’s operational reliability report, to date the two Interjet SSJ100 have completed almost 600 flight hours and over 580 flight cycles during their commercial operations. The aircraft registered 7 delays with an average delay time of 23 minutes in the first month of operations.

Both aircraft are operating from Mexico City to various Mexican destinations: Torreon, Aguascalientes, Campeche, Minatitlan, Zacatecas, Mazatlan.

The longest flight performed is Mazatlan-Mexico City (1H 43’), while the shortest one is Mexico City-Aguascalientes (0 H 42’). The maximum utilization in a day was over 11 flight hours.

“The EIS with Interjet is a crucial step for the overall SSJ100 Program – says Mr. Nazario Cauceglia, Chief Executive Officer of SuperJet International (SJI) – it represents a further opportunity to provide the Western markets with tangible operational data gathered from a sound and reliable western airline, confirming the outstanding suitability of the aircraft for the global market”.

“Passengers are very happy with the aircraft. The SSJ100 is confirming its superior aerodynamics and outstanding performance. We are very proud of the new SSJ100: it is currently the only regional aircraft with a 5 abreast configuration enabling mainline comfort with reduced operating costs and the flexibility of a regional jet to be operated in small airports; the SSJ100 is  a key choice for Interjet’s development plan focused on serving Mexico’s domestic mid-density routes as well as some short-haul international ones” says Jose Luis Garza, Chief Executive Officer of Interjet.

To facilitate the entry into service of the SSJ100 with Interjet, SuperJet International has also set up a new support warehouse located at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, (U.S.A.) that is providing logistic support to Interjet and will be used in general for any North and Latin America customer.

A SJI dedicated engineering team is on-site to guarantee technical support and advisory assistance while the Customer Care Center based in Venice (Italy) is operational 24/7 to provide timely support for spares, tooling and technical queries.

As of today SJI, which is also the SSJ100 worldwide training provider, has trained 44 Interjet pilots, including 5 Interjet instructors, along with 8 cabin attendants and almost 100 mechanics.

Interjet is the first Western customer operating the SSJ100 aircraft. The third aircraft (MSN 95028) is expected to be delivered in a few days from SuperJet International’s hangar in Venice (Italy).

The Sukhoi Superjet 100, designed and produced by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company, in partnership with Alenia Aermacchi, incorporates the most modern Western systems technology and is powered by two PowerJet SaM146 engines. As of today 20 SSJ100 aircraft have been delivered to different Customers.