Russia and China are going to sell up to 100 Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft in Asia/ 08.05.2015

A framework agreement on establishment of a leasing company to support sales of Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) aircraft in the territory of China and South-East Asia was signed in Moscow. The parties to the agreement were the Russia-China Investment Fund (RCIF), Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (part of United Aircraft Corporation), Xixian New Area Administrative Committee and New Century International Leasing from China. The agreement was supported by the Russia-China Intergovernmental Commission.


The Russia-China leasing company, as agreed, during the next three years will purchase up to 100 SSJ 100 jets from Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company amounting approximately to USD 3 bln, which is twice the total number of jets that have already been delivered to the customers.


The new leasing company will be headquartered in the Sino-Russia High-Tech Innovation Park (SHIP) in Xixian, Shaanxi, one of centers of PRC’s aviation industry. The municipal administration will also assist by providing land plots to create the infrastructure required to accommodate and maintain the SSJ100 jets.


Yuri Sluysar, President of the United Aircraft Corporation, said: “This agreement is one of solutions for reconsidering our approach to SSJ100 promotion in the international markets. We appreciate the willingness of the Chinese party to reach the agreement so promptly. The agreement to establish the Russia-China leasing company is truly historical both due to its magnitude and by the prospects it brings to the Russian civil aircraft industry. Along with our Chinese partners, we are going to create a highly competitive leasing proposal, which will allow the SSJ100 jet to capture a prominent share of fast growing air transportation markets of China and South-East Asia.


The new approach of SCAC to SSJ100 promotion in the markets of China and South-East Asia is based on five elements: competitive advantage of the jet’s economic efficiency, creation of a major maintenance center with spare parts storage and aircraft staff training center in Xixian, customer-tailored aircraft interiors installation and jet painting on the spot, as well as residual cost financial guarantees in respect of the aircraft.


Currently, UAC’s capacity allows for production of up to 60 SSJ100 jets annually. The key advantage of the SSJ100 is its lower cost per passenger compared to competitors in the 100-seat aircraft segment. SSJ100 allows to optimize the operating expenses due to its better fuel efficiency and lower takeoff weight. SSJ100 advantages in the international market also include a highly comfortable new generation passenger cabin and a highly competitive leasing rate with residual cost financial guarantees provided by the state.