SCAC did not receive any feedback from the USA upon its request for SSJ100 export to Iran/07.01.2019

The SSJ100 manufacturer JSC “Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company” did not receive any feedback from the USA as far as the request for the aircraft export delivery to Iran is concerned.


The quantity of American components in current SSJ100 version surpasses 10% so according to the prescribed procedure SCAC proceeded with the application in 2017 and sent the request to the Office of Foreign Assets Contorl (OFAC). By the end of 2018 the company received neither positive nor negative feedback.


However, as part of the import substitution program SCAC continues to reduce the number of foreign components and is currently working at the new SSJ100 modification. The operational costs of that new aircraft modification are to be lowered substantially. Besides, the program efficiency is planned to be increased via repricing of a number of components. And the deliveries of the new aircraft are not supposed to be formally agreed upon by third parties.