SCAC enhances the efficiency of the interaction process with the SSJ100 Operators/22.11.2018

The Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company is currently working for massive improvement of the interaction process between the company and the SSJ100 Operators and is now implementing the state-of-the-art program for operation data analysis – ISDAP, In-Service Data Analytics Program built by the Russian Company Connected Aircraft Enterprise.


The program will connect all the participants of the industry in one single process of mutual knowledge and experience change. The Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company will have the opportunity of the real-time operational data acquirement and that will allow to increase the effeciency of the spare parts warehouse completion process.


Besides, the single data base of knowledge and operational statistics will add to the boost of the technical maintenance program efficiency that will result into cut of the terms of the aircraft grounding time for the technical reasons.


The analytics of the collected operational data both technical and economical will be used in many ways including the work with the operational documentation.


The technical realization is as follows: SCAC implemented the IoT platform allowing to recieve, store, process and visualize the data and integrate them with other company systems.


The Operators of the SSJ100 aircraft worldwide will recieve the opportunity of uploading the operational data for the SSJ100 fleet into the system and SCAC will react to the individual demands of the Operators and increase the speed of the inquiries connected with the increase of the reliability and the operability coefficient.


Several SCAC Partners have already connected with the platform including the maintenance and repair (MRO) companies. There is no need to install additional equipment to the aircraft: the data are to be collected and uploaded to the system via applications with both desktop and mobile versions.


Generally, the SSJ100 Operators both in Russia and abroad showed interest towards participation in the program that is supposed to provide prompt response to both the airlines and all the participants of the industry involved into design, production and opertation of the SSJ100 aircraft.


The ISDAP system for data collection and analysis was presented for the first time at «Digital Transformation» JSC «UAC» educational program for after-sales support in Skolkovo.


The opportunities of the ISDAP program for providing and increasing the quality of interaction with the SSJ100 Operators in accordance with the geographical presence extension and the increase of the number of aircraft produced were demonstrated.