SCAC Opened Office in Taganrog/30.07.2018

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft company opened its office in Taganrog for the SSJ100 Program development and participation in other civil aviation programs. Separate structural unit started its work on the July, 20 and carries out engineering activity together with Moscow headquarters.


SSJ100 development program foresees the creation of its 75-passenger version with the increased number of Russian components and further work aimed at the improvements for the current version of the aircraft. As far as this course is concerned, the increase of the work volume is awaited, particularly, for the design.


Following its development plans SCAC created separate structural unit in a region that is historically known for its aviation competence.


Design unit away from the Moscow office might become the additional growth and development driver for the company, offering new jobs on the one hand, and providing the support for current programs on the other hand.


Separate structural unit in Taganrog continues company’s course for the creation of regional offices. Currently SCAC has separate structural units in Zhukovsky, Ulyanovsk, Voronezh and Novosibirsk. Main production site is situated at Russian Far East and is represented by the Komsomolsk-on-Amur branch.