SCAC Reduced SSJ100 Customization Term Twofold/22.03.2017

In 2016 term of production SSJ100 aircraft preparation for delivery to Russian customers has been reduced twofold as compared to the previous year making it 28 calendar days.


Customization or preparation for delivery to the customer includes interior installation, aircraft painting in the customer’s livery, acceptance flight tests, finalization of necessary documents and signing of aircraft log book confirming its readiness for delivery.


Starting from 2014 when customization amounted to 66 calendar days the numbers were decreasing gradually: in 2015 customization duration was 52 days and in 2016 it was already 28 days.


It was possible to achieve significant term reductionby optimizing SCAC’s recourses and production sites.


Currently painting in the carrier’s livery as well as interiors installation on the series-produced SSJ100 aircraft is performed in Ulyanovsk. Acceptance flight tests and delivery of aircraft to the customers take place in Zhukovsky.


As of March of the current year more than 100 aircraft have been manufactured already, among them 93 SSJ100 are in service, other airplanes are test aircraft or being prepared for delivery to their customers.


Among the operators are such companies as Aeroflot, the launch customer, operating 30 SSJ100 in its fleet, Mexican airline Interjet, the launch customer in North America with 22 SSJ100 aircraft and Irish CityJet, the first European customer having added 3 aircraft of this type to its fleet. Sukhoi Superjet 100 in different configurations, including business version, are operated by Russian governmental agencies as well. Recently Thai Royal Force has also joined the number of SSJ100 customers having acquired the business version of the airliner. Russian airline GazpromAvia with 10 SSJ100 in its fleet is the largest operator of the Long Range version of the aircraft. Other operators, particularly Yakutia, Yamal and IrAero are successfully operating SSJ100 in severe climatic conditions.


Starting from entering into service SSJ100 aircraft have performed more than 180 000 flights and have accumulated 270000 commercial flight hours.