SCAC Revenue Increased by 32 % in 2016/31.03.2017

In accordance with the accounting records (Russian Accounting Standards), in 2016 SCAC’s revenue has increased by 32%, as compared to 2015, and has amounted to 46,778,579 rubles. Revenue growth is first of all conditioned by the increase of Sukhoi Superjet 100 delivery volumes and their average sale price. At that, average sale price has grown due to the change of delivery structure, as the share of launch customers in the total delivery volume has decreased by 27 %.


Apart from that, growth of average sale price is also conditioned by SCAC’s delivery of SSJ100 business version to the Royal Thai Airforce. In total SCAC has delivered 26 aircraft in 2016, mainly to the State Transport Leasing Company (STLC).


Significant revenue growth during the accounting period is also influenced by the increase of rendered aftersales services volume, in the main due to enlargement of SSJ100 fleet in service. Considerable growth of the revenue with the price cost control in the background has contributed to 144 % gross profit increase by SCAC. According to the results of 2016 these figures have grown up to 4 449 183 rubles.


Subsequent to the last year’s results the sales profit has grown by six times and amounted to 785 775 due to the factors mentioned above.


State support received by the Company in 2015 has allowed decreasing SCAC’s debt up to 27,308,276 rubles as of the end of 2016 making a positive impact on the interest costs during the accounting period; they have decreased by 79 %.


In consequence of main operational values optimization and reduction of the interest costs, the Company has demonstrated net loss decrease by 65 %.