SCAC Test Pilots Honoured with Eminent Test Pilots of the Russian Federation Titles/01.11.2018

On October 25, 2018 the President of the Russian Federation signed the Decree on the entitlement of the Sukhoi Civil Aircaft Company test pilots Sergey Korostiev and Leonid Chikunov with Eminent Test Pilots Titles for their achievements in aviation, highest professionalism and many years of honorable service.


Sergey Korostiev is currently Deputy Flight Test Center Chief – the Chief Pilot, the Senior Test Pilot. Before he joined SCAC in 2008 he had acquired great experience as a test pilot of military aviation.


For courage and dedication in 1999-2005 during tests under dangerous life-threatening conditions by the Decree of the President of Russian Federation Sergey Korostiev was awarded with Order of Courage in 2006.


Sergey Korostiev is directly involved in shop and certification SSJ100 tests. As a first pilot he performed test flights aimed at evaluation of system faults influence at the airworthiness of the SSJ100, high angle of attack test flights and stalling, aeroelastic stability and controllability and flutter preventing flights and also noise evaluation, which allowed to prove that the aircraft is fully consistent with both Russian and international certification demands.


During flight tests he offered numerous improvements for Russian aircraft.


The certification tests performed by Sergey Korostiev as a leading test-pilot allowed for the very first time to certify the VNAV function for the aircraft made in Russia. And currently SSJ100 is the only aircraft in all the post-soviet republics possessing this function allowing to increase the flight safety, decrease the crew workload and cut the operation expenses.


While being an extremely experienced professional, Sergey Korostiev as an instructing pilot takes part in pilot and first pilot training for Russian and foreign airlines. He trained more than 60 foreign and Russian SSJ100 pilots.

In the course of work he mastered more than 40 types and modifications of aircraft and helicopters. His total flight hours amount to 5350, 1997 of them are for test flights. He has the qualification of the class 1 test pilot.


Leonid Chikunov is currently the First Deputy Chief of Flight Service, Team Leader, test pilot. Before 2005, when he joined SCAC, he performed test flights for military aviation and also was a civil pilot. In 1990 he was awarded with Medal for Service in Battle. In August 2005 he became word-record breaker for airsports.


Since the very beginning of the SSJ100 creation Leonid Chikunov took part in cockpit design and aircraft systems integration, contributed to the development and adjustment of SSJ100 control system laws.


In May 2008 successfully performed SSJ100 maiden flight as co-pilot.


As a project pilot performed SSJ100 certification flight tests for the evaluation of flutter characteristics, durability, stability and control at speed limit under the conditions of natural icing, at maximum cross-wind in the airport, performed flight from narrow runways, flights for EASA, flights for runway performance definition and stalling parameters for non-standard steep approach. The abovementioned tests sufficiently extended the SSJ100 operation characteristics, increased the marketability and the level of competitive aircraft manufacturing.


Leonid Chikunov mastered more than 30 aircraft types and modifications and his total flight hours amount to more than 8478, 2434 of them dedicated to flight tests.


The Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company congratulates our colleagues sincerely with this the recognition of their professionalism at the top governmental level and wishes further achievements for sake of the Russian aviation!