SSJ100 Presented to Potential Customers from Africa/16.04.2018

On the 8-16 of April 2018 Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company took part in joined Russian aviation companies business mission to Africa. SSJ100 business-version operated by Russian RusJet was presented to interested Kenyan, Ugandan and Nigerian companies.


The Russian aviation companies business mission was carried out as part of cooperation development between Russia and Africa and Russian production promotion to the African markets. Russian Export Center (REC) together with African export-import Bank (Afreximbank) were the hosts of the event.


The interior of the aircraft is designed and produced so that up to 19 passengers could be lodged comfortably, and it is also divided into several areas. The first and the second cabins are aimed at business meetings and are equipped with comfortable furniture – desks and rolling chairs – and modern multimedia system. The main passenger’s cabin is equipped with a full-fledged workplace and a place for rest, as well as a wardrobe. There is a separate lavatory in the tail of the aircraft, just behind the main passenger’s cabin.  The service zone includes the seats for two flight attendants, a galley with modern equipment, a lavatory for the crew and accompanying persons, as well as a closet for placement of passengers’ belongings.


The business version of SS100 belongs to that kind of aircraft with both spacious passenger cabin and long flight distance. At the same time, the operational cost of an aircraft of this configuration is competitive and might be of interest for African Customers.


The African export-import Bank was founded in 1993 in Nigeria for trade boosting between continents and African countries. It is headquartered in Cairo and has local offices in Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe. In the end of 2017 REC became one of Afreximbank shareholders, and that, as is expected, will allow to promote Russian manufacturers to the continent markets in the most effective manner and decrease possible financial risks.