SSJ100 – the basis of the “The Best in the Sky” Contest/06.02.2019

On February 6, 2019 the winners of the professional contest “The Best in the Sky” among the students of the Russian flight schools were announced. The practical part of the contest has been traditionally carried out at the SSJ100 FFS, full flight simulator, allowing to arise tactual, visual and auditory sensations of the crew during the flight.
The choice of this type of the aircraft for the contest is based on the positive comments of the licensed pilots, they claim that this aircraft type is easy to operate and it also has a pilot-friendly cockpit.
The President of the “Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company” noted: “The contest shows that Russian technology meets the best worldwide standards as far as the convenience and the manageability are concerned. We hear only positive feedback from the participants of the contest upon the controllability and manoeuvrability and the handling ease of the SSJ100.”
The peculiarity of the contest this year is that it was carried out on the full-flight simulator of the SSJ100 located in the Ulyanovsk in the Institute of Civil Aviation named after B.Bugaev, that was equipped with the simulator in 2012. The FFS fully complies with all the international requirements and is identical to other simulators used for the SSJ100 training.
The simulator was created as the result of collaboration of the manufacturers – the “Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company” delivered and integrated the cockpit mockup with avionics and the computing system with the software simulating the flight dynamics and the performance of all the systems, as well the external environment pattern generation system with the “Avrora” software and the noise imitation system by “Tranzas”. The JSC CSTS “Dinamika” has become the main integrator for the FFS.
Via participation in the creation of the FFS for the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation, the “Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company” made another step towards the development of scope of skills for the creation of the FFS and extended the training opportunities for the pilots.
Earlier the Company took part in the collaboration aimed at the design and creation of the simulators with the L-3 LINK S&T company. The simulators are installed to the SCAC training centers in Zhukovsky and Venice and in the training center of the Aeroflot Company.
The third professional contest “The Best in the Sky” was carried out by the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviacia), the JSC “United Aircraft Corporation”, the manufacturer of the SSJ100, the “Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company” and the JSC “Aeroflot”.