Ten Years Anniversary – SSJ100 Maiden Flight/19.05.2018

Ten years ago on May 19, 2008 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the Russian Far East the first test aircraft SSJ100 performed its maiden flight.


The SSJ100 climbed to 1200 meters and made four by-passes over the runway, performed a rectangular approach and landed successfully. It was airborne for 1 hour 5 minutes up in skies.


The flight was performed eight months after the celebrated roll-out.


The SSJ100 is the first Russian aircraft where the requirements of the world’s leading air carriers were taken into consideration as the starting point.


The all new modern platform was created during the design of the Superjet 100 aircraft. It included not only the air frame that proved to have high flight characteristics but also the equipment that might be used for other aircraft types design.


Technologies that had never been used before in Russian aviation industry such as jigless assembly, automatic airframe components assembly, automatic riveting and many others were implemented for production.


The production cooperation was built, the aviation facilities retrofits where carried out, new highly skilled jobs at modern production facilities were created, new technologies were elaborated and innovative solutions introduced.


For the first time in Russia, together with the draft proposal and the business-plan, the “next generation” after-sales support concept was also presented.


In 2011 the aircraft received its Type Certificate, issued by the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee after completion of an unprecedented intense test flight program – it took only three years since the maiden first flight.


In another year,the Superjet 100 became the first Russian civil aircraft certified in compliance with the aviation regulations of EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority).


First deliveries were mostly to the demanding Russian market and currently the SSJ100 is successfully operated in different regions under various climatic conditions.


In the spring of 2011 Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) – the manufacturer of the SSJ100 started serial production to the air carriers, and today the Superjet 100 is being operated by Russian air carriers and several state entities: Aeroflot, Gazprom Avia, Yakutiya, Yamal, IrAero, Azimuth, Interior Ministry of Russia, EMERCOM, Special Flight Department, RusJet, and also by International operators such as Interjet (Mexico), CityJet (Ireland) and Royal Air Force of Thailand.


According to the data from May 2018 there are 127 SSJ100 currently under operation. The aircraft performed more than 275 000 commercial flights with a combined total of  420 000 flight hours.


The Superjet 100 confirmed its successful operation under various extreme climatic conditions – at temperatures from -54 to +45 degrees Celsius.


Aeroflot representatives from the very beginning of the project worked side by side with the colleagues from SCAC in workgroups determining the concept of the aircraft. Our pilots, engineers and technicians set the aircraft up in life, providing good results of the operation of the new Russian product. By now SSJ100 comprises about one fifth of our fleet. Aeroflot ordered 50 Superjet 100 and today more than 40 of them perform flights on our inner and international routes. This is the main measure of the effective cooperation between Aeroflot and SCAC. For the whole its 95 year history our company has been the main one to operate and retrofit the innovative aircraft made in Russia. Aeroflot will keep carrying on this strategic mission that meets the nowadays needs of the game-changing development” – said CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, PJSC Aeroflot.


“The efficiency of the operation and the level of comfort of the passenger cabin is at the same level, in not better, to those of the narrowbody aircraft, and is one of a number of key advantages of the SSJ100 aircraft and all the above mentioned determines the interest towards it from both Russian and International  companies. The eagerness of the manufacturing company – Sukhoi Civil Aircraft – to be flexible and take into consideration all the demands of the air carriers together with the wide range of operational opportunities allow to use the SSJ100 at unique European airports with extremely short runways and in high mountains and at hot temperatures at the same time, not compromising its opportunities during flights in the Far North of Russia,” – noted the President of the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company Alexander Rubtsov.


SCAC is supporting its airlines customers and implements continually the Superjet 100 improvement program. SCAC offers different cabin lay-outs including convertible/quick change modules depending on the actual demands of the Operator.


In the end of the 2017, the Superjet 100 performed its first test flight with the installed “Saberlet” wing tip that give improvements in take-off and landing performance and reduce the fuel consumption by at least 3%.


The decision addressing the issue of the design of SSJ100 for 75 passengers (or SSJ75) was taken in winter of 2018. This new version will be aimed at flights at regional routes approximately 1500-2000km in range. The changes anticipated for the design of the SSJ75 might also be particularly to the wing, the fuselage, the engines and some aircraft systems (avionics).


The aircraft is projected to enter the market towards the  end of 2022 – the beginning of 2023. According to the preliminary estimations the potential demand within the  Russian market for these aircraft might reach 200-300, with International Export markets even larger at  up to 3000 aircraft over a number of years.


“The aircraft is planned to be produced with a maximum number of Russian manufactured elements, – stressed Alexander Rubtsov. – The fuselage configuration remains the same, while general weight is to be reduced by 10-15%, to improve aerodynamics for this type of aircraft by 10%, to reduce fuel consumption by 5% and to increase the proportion of composite materials within the construction. Significant work, aimed at reducing all operational costs and achieving bench mark after-sales support service with lower costs is also being carried out”.


The company also launched the development of the SSJ100, dubbed the “SSJ100R with an anticipated increased number of Russian components for maximum efficiency within the Russian markets -a number of aircraft systems have been identified as candidates for efficient, maximum value, alternate development. As part of the SSJ100R program a number of certified and experienced Russian developers and manufacturers were invited to take part in the program.


The aims of the new SSJ100R version development are: cost reduction, operation costs reduction, the increase of flexibility as far the after-sales support is concerned because of new suppliers which will help to expand the presence in the market.


The elaborated innovations will allow SSJ100R to conquer new markets and increase the number of the Customers, the level of satisfaction of the Operators and support the high level of competitiveness.


Superjet 100 is a modern Russian civil aircraft developed and manufactured by the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC). SSJ100 was created with brand-new technology providing the efficiency of operations and the highest comfort level for the passengers in this market segment. The SSJ100 is aimed short and medium-haul routes. The product line consists of commercial SSJ100 aircraft, business jet-versions and special purpose aircraft.