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SportJet by Sukhoi

The first ever aircraft to provide specialized services and high-end technology solutions for professional athletes to be presented by Sukhoi at Rio Olympics.

Highly skilled and trained athletes can prepare for the big game on the way to that game. SportJet by Sukhoi creates conditions for healthy relaxation, quality recovery, and provides comfortable training space for athletes on-board.

The concept of SportJet by Sukhoi was developed based on scientific and practical research in sports, dedicated particularly to the impacts of flying on athletes’ physical and emotional health, such as jet lag, change of time zones, hypoxia, disruption of nutrition, dehydration, stress, aerophobia and other problems related to flying.

SportJet by Sukhoi is based on the Sukhoi Business Jet aircraft and consists of 4 main functional areas:

  • Main team flight zone
  • Recovery / Medical-biological zone
  • Manager zone
  • Staff zone

Customized Seats for athletes

Seats are individualized with the player`s jersey number and provide a personal greeting on the screen. The configuration allows players to travel in relaxed position and includes integrated biomedical equipment, variable lighting and individual multimedia display units with special content. Devices are integrated in the armrests, backrest and under seat and fitted with the media system control unit.
With the assistance of the biomedical diagnostic tools, athlete may be tested before, during and after the flight, to diagnose the physiological and psychological parameters of the athlete`s functionality and to shape the individual flight program.

Seats are equipped with the following:

  • Bioimpedance sensor
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Data reading and processing unit
  • Managing display
  • Airband


The world’s first mobile diagnostic device is deliberately designed to use during the flight. The band will complete the athlete`s seat equipment. It is dedicated to check the athlete functional status during the flight. The airband supports the wireless data transmission to the central display unit of the air adaptation team specialist and to the mobile device.

AeroScan capsule for diagnostics

Specific diagnostic equipment based on the unified hardware and software platform, with devices integrated into the multi-
functional seat. It is dedicated to provide comprehensive assessment of the body functions, and also can create a detailed
report with recommendations on their corrections.

The capsule includes:

  • Bioimpedance sensor with cable and electrode plates
  • Display for physiological data
  • ECG recorder
  • Spirometer
  • Hypoxic generator
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Dynamometer
  • Data reading and processing unit
  • Ergometer (optional)

SportJet by Sukhoi will be fitted with the following solutions being brand-new for the aviation:

  • Aircraft cabin lighting imitating color scheme of the club
  • Comfortable manager zone for the coaching staff furnished with multimedia solutions for sport analysis
  • Handy compartments for personal belongings storage, tailored also for sport equipment and outfit
  • Biomedical couch for physiotherapeutic procedures (cryotherapy, lymphatic drainage, electric muscle stimulation, undulations and massage therapy), suitable for carriage of the injured sportsmen and for connection of any diagnostic devices.

SportJet software product

A software product was designed expressly for SportJet to collect the information about all physiological parameters received
following the tests and to automatically personalize the flight program. Besides, such software product directs on a real-time
basis notices and warnings to the specific information screen to initiate immediately the correctional procedures and to inform
the team physician.

The program interface is simple and easy-to-understand.
The program keeps informational data from each flight per each sportsman, and the next flight it will suggest the most effective programs and instruments for that particular sportsman, and he could gather the flight report by means of mobile application.